Tulsa County is Hiring a New Juvenile Bureau Director!

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The Juvenile Bureau Director manages the affairs of the Juvenile Bureau, including the Juvenile Detention Home, subject to the direction and supervision of the judge of the Juvenile Division of the District Court, subject to the general administrative authority of the Presiding Judge within budgetary limitations. The Director shall provide transformative, visionary leadership to ensure that the Juvenile Bureau provides compassionate, competent services to juveniles involved in the justice system.

FCJJ is committed to the holistic and compassionate rehabilitation of young individuals. We strive to ensure that each youth in our care receives comprehensive support and services tailored to their unique needs. We uphold the principles of restorative justice, emphasizing accountability, personal growth, and community integration. By collaborating with families, schools, and community organizations, we aim to create a supportive network that fosters positive development and prevents recidivism. We dedicate ourselves to providing a safe and nurturing environment that promotes healing and transformation. Ultimately, our goal is to safely return these young individuals to their communities, equipped with the tools and resilience needed for a successful and fulfilling life.

From Tulsa County Family Center for Juvenile Justice



  • The Director is responsible for developing and implementing a vision for the Juvenile Bureau.
  • That vision should include the development and implementation of strategic plans to achieve the mission and objectives of the Juvenile Bureau
  • The Director shall identify strategic partners in the community whose resources could assist the Juvenile Bureau in fulfilling its mission and objectives.
  • The Director shall engage in a continuous process of identifying opportunities for innovation and improvement in service deliver, policies, and practices within the Juvenile Bureau.
  • The Director should explore and understand various societal and scholarly trends in mental health, substance abuse treatment, and education that directly affect children so as to implement changes in the Juvenile Bureau that will positively impact the well-being of justice involved children.


  • The Director is responsible for organizing, directing, and developing the administrative work of the Juvenile Bureau, including financial, social, and clerical work.
  • The Director shall study best practices of similar organizations nationally as part of his or her efforts to develop, clarify and implement basic policies and procedures of the Bureau.
  • The Director shall develop and manage the budget for the Juvenile Bureau, allocating sufficient resources for the Juvenile Bureau to effectively meet operational and programming needs.
  • The Director shall establish controls to assure accountability for program operation and policy implementation.
  • In cooperation with state and local entities, the Director shall study the needs of children in the community and the degree to which those needs are being met.
  • The Director shall establish performance indicators to measure the success of Bureau programs.
  • The Director is responsible for representing the Juvenile Bureau by serving on local, regional, state and national committees for planning, execution and maintenance of Juvenile Bureau standards relating to services, personnel and salaries.
  • The Director shall communicate, coordinate, and consult with the Chief Judge of the Juvenile Bureau on general administrative issues.
  • The Director shall monitor and analyze data on program outcomes, facility operations, and juvenile population trends to inform decision making and to improve services.


  • The Director shall provide strong, positive, effective leadership to all Juvenile Bureau staff, including hiring, supervision, training, and performance evaluation.
  • The Director shall develop and maintain sound personnel policies and practices and participate in the hiring of personnel.
  • The Director shall maintain involvement with, and responsiveness to, all Juvenile Bureau employees.
  • The Director shall establish and implement a responsive policy for addressing grievances made by, to, and about staff.


  • The Director is responsible for supervising and managing the Juvenile Detention Facility.
  • The Director shall ensure that the Juvenile Detention Facility is in full compliance with all laws, regulations, and court directives.
  • The Director shall ensure that the Juvenile Detention Facility provides a safe and secure environment for all of its residents and staff.
  • The Director shall prioritize the safety, well-being, and rights of the juveniles in the care of the Juvenile Bureau, including but not limited to allocating sufficient resources to support the support and services they need.


  • The Director should foster relationships with key stakeholders in the work of the Juvenile Bureau including, but not limited to, the Office of Juvenile Affairs, the Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office, the Tulsa County Public Defender’s Office, the Department of Human Services, and the Board of County Commissioners.
  • The Director should proactively advocate for legislative and funding initiatives at the state level that support juvenile justice reform, improve services, and enhance the effectiveness of the work of the Juvenile Bureau to enhance the well-being of children.
  • The Director shall identify and pursue opportunities for fundraising, grants, and partnerships that will supplement governmental funding to better support and enhance the Juvenile Bureau’s programs and initiatives.