The Center for Juvenile Justice Reform supports and educates leaders across systems of care to advance a balanced, multi-system approach to improving outcomes for, and promoting the positive development of, youth at risk of juvenile justice involvement...Read More

Our Work

The Center for Juvenile Justice Reform currently works with jurisdictions nationwide to help them better translate knowledge on “what works” into everyday practice and policy. The Center provides on and off-site training, networking opportunities, webinars and more to help state and local agencies develop and implement system improvement efforts…Read More

Meet the Staff

1042 Leaders. 800 Fellows. 334 Teams. 240 Local Reform Efforts. 32 Certificate Programs. 48 States & DC. 7 Countries.

The Center for Juvenile Justice Reform supports the development of leaders in juvenile justice and related systems of care through our Certificate Programs. We help them achieve better outcomes for the young people in their care by assisting in the implementation or improvement of a diverse range of juvenile justice reform initiatives that address racial disparities and disproportionality, multi-system collaboration, social service improvement, statutory and court reform, and many other issues. The leaders we train come from across the United States and all over the world, including American Samoa, Australia, Bolivia, Canada, Cameroon, Puerto Rico, Red Lake Nation, St. Lucia, and Thailand.

CJJR Partners with Missouri to Improve Outcomes for Crossover Youth
In August, CJJR partnered with the Missouri Office of the State Court Administrator and Department of Social Services to further enhance the state’s ability to impact the population of…Read more
CJJR Convenes Statewide CYPM Meeting in Nebraska
20170911_131742 (1)
In August, CJJR and the Nebraska Court Improvement Project (CIP) convened representatives of the five counties in Nebraska implementing the Crossover Youth Practice Model (CYPM) for a daylong event.…Read more