The Innovation Network

The Reimagining Youth Justice Workforce Innovation Network will support youth justice system officials and partners to develop, study, and share strategies aimed at addressing the field’s current staffing challenges, including strategies designed to fundamentally transform systemic structures, policies, practices, and approaches.​​​​​ With the support of OJJDP’s Juvenile Justice System Reform Initiative, participants’ tuition for the Innovation Network is provided at no cost to the selected jurisdictions.

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About the Innovation Network

Learn more about what problems the Innovation Network is addressing, how it works, and the curriculum!

Team Profiles

Learn more about the diverse array of teams from across the country participating in the Innovation Network.

Innovation Network Participant Materials

Here, Innovation Network participants can access materials, videos, assignments, and other resources related to the program.


About the image: A forest is more than a collection of individual trees. Each tree is connected by a “mycorrhizal network,” a system which connects individual plants together to transfer water, nitrogen, carbon and other minerals. Each tree—the forest itself—learns and innovates from the others to grow strong.