Certificate Programs

CJJR’s Certificate Programs use a multi-system and multi-disciplinary approach to highlight policies, programs and practices that improve outcomes for youth at risk, including a focus on “crossover youth” — youth known to both the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. They are periods of intensive study designed for organization and system leaders working with youth known to, or at risk of entering, the juvenile justice system. They bring current and future leaders together to increase their knowledge, cultivate their leadership skills, improve the operation of their organizations, and create a mutually supportive network of individuals nationwide committed to systems improvement and reform.

Each Certificate Program is designed to address a specific issue in juvenile justice, including youth in custody, school-justice partnerships, racial and ethnic disparities, supporting LGBTQ youth and evidence-based decision-making. Upon completion of a Certificate Program, each participant or participant team will apply the knowledge they gain to develop and implement a Capstone Project — a system-improvement effort designed to positively impact the lives of youth and families locally in their communities.

Public and private sector leaders working in juvenile justice, child welfare, mental health, substance use, education and other related systems of care are encouraged to apply.

Bring a Certificate Program to Your State

For over 10 years, CJJR has hosted a wide variety of Certificate Program trainings on Georgetown University’s historic campus. In order to remain responsive to the needs of the field, we are pleased to also offer the opportunity to bring a Georgetown Certificate Program to your jurisdiction.

Interested in bringing any of the Certificate Programs listed below to your state?  If so, please contact the Deputy Director of Certificate Programs at Amber.Farn@georgetown.edu.

Our Certificate Programs


Transforming Juvenile Probation

The Transforming Juvenile Probation Certificate Program is designed to guide and support teams from state and local jurisdictions to fundamentally transform their system-wide approach to probation.

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Advancing Racial Justice and Equity in Youth Legal Systems

The Advancing Racial Justice and Equity in Youth Legal Systems Certificate Program is an intensive training designed to support local jurisdictions in their efforts to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in their systems of care, particularly the youth legal system.


Supporting System-Involved LGBTQ Youth

The Supporting the Well-Being of System-Involved LGBTQ Youth Certificate Program is designed to help juvenile justice, child welfare, and other system partners target and improve outcomes for at-risk LGBTQ youth.


School-Justice Partnerships and Diversion Pathways

The School-Justice Partnerships and Diversion Pathways Certificate Program is designed to provide school and district staff, court professionals, law enforcement, and other child-serving community leaders with the knowledge and understanding…


Youth in Custody

The Youth in Custody Certificate Program is designed to help leaders implement or accelerate systemic change to improve outcomes for youth in custodial settings.


Evidence-Based Decision-Making

The Evidence-Based Decision-Making in Juvenile Justice Certificate Program is designed to help juvenile justice practitioners apply the extensive body of research around what works.


Multi-System Integration

The Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare: Multi-System Integration Certificate Program is a week-long period of intensive study designed for those who want to improve outcomes for crossover youth by improving multi-system integration and collaboration.


Ending Isolation in Youth Facilities

The Ending Isolation in Youth Facilities Certificate Program is designed to support leaders in ending the use of isolation in their jurisdictions and promote positive outcomes for youth, staff, and communities.


General Certificate Program Information


Capstone Projects

The work has only begun after teams participate in the rigorous training and discussion provided by one of our Certificate Programs. Each team will then return to their own local organizations and communities to implement a Capstone Project.


Fellows Network

The Fellows Network is designed to support the development of current and future leaders from across juvenile justice, child welfare, education, mental health, law enforcement, and related systems of care. 

App Guidelines

Application Guidelines

The primary goal of all of our Certificate Programs is not simply knowledge, but effective implementation in a local reform effort. We study “what works” and collaborate with leaders to bridge the gap between theory and practice.



We are incredibly proud to have dedicated professionals participate in our certificate program training, complete their Capstone Project, and continue on to our Fellows Network. Here’s what some had to say about the program.