Fellows Network

After participants in the Certificate Programs complete the training and have their Capstone Project approved, they become members of the Fellows Network. The Fellows Network is designed to support the development of current and future leaders working with youth known to, or at risk of entering, the juvenile justice system. This network of Certificate Program alumni serves as a mutually supportive group of leaders from across juvenile justice, child welfare, education, mental health, law enforcement, and related systems of care. This peer mentoring, provided by a growing number of Certificate Program graduates, assists in the strengthening of the more broadly defined “juvenile justice field” and helps fill the void of professional development and support that currently exists in this field.

The Fellows Network includes alumni from the Multi-System Integration Certificate Program, as well as CJJR’s issue-specific Certificate Programs. Fellows Network participants stay connected through online tools so they can share knowledge and expertise, discuss reform agendas and identify resources. Fellows also have access to an exclusive Fellows Network website that provides information on past and present Capstone Projects, as well as other resources, including webinars, to help jurisdictions move the reform efforts forward. Fellows also benefit from CJJR’s working relationship with many of the country’s major juvenile justice reform initiatives, which puts the Center in a unique position to support system reform efforts spearheaded by the Fellows.

There are currently over 1,800 Fellows from the past Certificate Programs:

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