CJJR at the 71st Annual Nebraska Symposium on Motivation — Legal Judgment and the Motivation for Justice

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Our own chris bijoux, Deputy Director for Equity and Racial Justice, presented at the 71st Annual Nebraska Symposium on Motivation–Legal Judgment and the Motivation for Justice.

The purpose of this symposium was to examine the antecedents of the motivation for justice, describe how that motivation activates and manifests in various legal institutions (i.e., elections, legislatures, courts, and executive offices), and trace the failure of that motivation to influence legal decision-making. This included research and commentary about a) where the motivation for justice comes from when people make legal judgments and decisions, b) how the motivation for justice influences legal judgments and decisions, and c) how legal judgments and decisions influence the motivation for justice in positive and negative ways. This topic is paramount at the current time in our history in view of the apparent breakdown of society’s beliefs in our institutions and trust in the democratic process, which has contributed to a system that has increasingly operated from tribalistic impulse rather than from a richer motivation for authentic justice. 

Speakers included: 

christian h. bijoux (Georgetown University)

Jack Glaser (University of California, Berkeley)

Mandeep K. Dhami (Middlesex University)

Dan Simon (University of Southern California, Gould School of Law)

Tom Tyler (Yale Law School)

Jennifer K. Robbennolt (University of Illinois, College of Law)

Donna Shestowsky (University of California, Davis, School of Law)

Kees van den Bos (Utrecht University)