CJJR Research Expands!

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Dr. Karen Kolivoski, Deputy Director for Research, recently presented at the Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR) annual conference in Washington, DC. The conference is held to provide workshops on methodologies, and presentations on the latest in social work research, including child welfare, juvenile and criminal justice, adolescent and youth development, as well as research design and development.

This year, Dr. Kolivoski led a roundtable panel discussion titled, “Abolition? Reform?: A Future Research Agenda for Crossover and Dual System Youth.” Panelists included Dr. Sherri Simmons-Horton, University of New Hampshire; Dr. Jacoba Rock, Boise State University; and Ms. Alexandra Hood, University of Houston.

She also was the moderator for a symposium on examining the role of surveillance and discrimination within child welfare contexts. Dr. Kolivoski was a co-author on one of the symposium presentations, a qualitative research study led by Dr. Simmons-Horton. It was titled “Black Crossover Youth in Congregate Settings: Exploring the Perceptions of Professionals on Racial Barriers Through a Critical Race Theory Lens.”

Dr. Kolivoski is also a co-founder and co-convener of the Multi-System Children and Youth Special Interest group, which brings together researchers interested in young people involved in the child welfare, juvenile justice, and other systems. The group meets in-person at the annual conference as well as virtually throughout the year.

In 2021, Dr. Kolivoski became a SSWR Fellow, which is given to members who have served the organization with distinction and recognizes one’s individual accomplishments, leadership, and contributions to broader scientific knowledge. She also serves on SSWR’s Research Capacity Development Committee.