CYPM Application Materials

We are pleased to open applications for jurisdictions to join the Crossover Youth Practice Model! You can find links to download the application materials as well as submit your application below.

A few notes about the application:

  • The submission form is hosted on Submittable. In order to apply, you will need to create a free account (it takes only a minute or two). Doing so will enable applicants to save their application, make edits, and finish their submissions in more than one session.
  • Part of the application will require commitment statements from the leaders of juvenile justice, child welfare, and family/juvenile court. You can easily copy/paste these statements into the submission, or upload documents of each.
  • The majority of the application is a questionnaire that addresses the challenges, strengths, and unique profiles of each applying jurisdiction. As with the commitment statements, each of these questions can be copy/pasted into the fields, or a separate document that addresses all of these questions can be uploaded.
  • Please let us know if you run into any difficulties during the application process! We are here to help.

Download the Application Materials here (link).
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