YICPM Testimonials

David Reilly, Executive Director, Texas Juvenile Justice Department

“The Youth in Custody Practice Model (YICPM) has provided the Texas Juvenile Justice Department with a unique and structured method to not only take a very candid and critical look at how well we perform the most consequential aspects of our work, but also to determine what we will do differently and how we will implement the enhancements. The YICPM came along at a critical juncture in the reform effort in Texas and provided us the vehicle we needed to re-focus ourselves on those practices shown to produce the best outcomes and to do so in a way that will institutionalize best practice. As an agency, we could not have invested our time more wisely than to align our operations with this model.”

Peter Forbes, Commissioner, Massachusetts Dept. of Youth Services

“The Youth in Custody Practice Model (YICPM) technical assistance through the Center for Juvenile Justice Reform and the Council of Juvenile Correctional Administrators has been a very positive and productive process for our team here at the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services. Our goal entering the process was to achieve the next level of quality in the delivery of secure residential services. The YICPM process has provided us with the structure, support and guidance to do just that. It’s very interactive and the ‘compass’ is set by the customer. The YICPM team has experience and discipline related to setting goals and outcome measures that have helped us tighten up a number of our core residential practices. It’s been a great opportunity.”

Christina K. Daly, Secretary, Florida Department of Juvenile Justice

“The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice is proud to participate in the Youth in Custody Practice Model (YICPM) as it aligns with our efforts in recent years to strategically reform our state’s juvenile justice system. The partner providers piloting the YICPM have developed strategic plans to improve facility practice and better support staff, and have implemented new strategies to enhance the residential environment and the services provided to youth. In short, participation in the YICPM has allowed us to strengthen our service delivery, implement best practices, and moves us forward in our mission to have the most comprehensive juvenile justice system possible and provide optimal services for the youth in our care.”

Michelle Rowser, CEO, StarrVista, Wayne County, Michigan

“As one of five private care management organizations contracted to deliver juvenile justice services in Wayne County, Michigan, StarrVista is always looking for ways in which we can provide services to our children and families that meet their risk and needs. Over the past year we have worked with the Youth in Custody Practice Model (YICPM) consultants who have guided us in assessing and enhancing our policies and practice. The YICPM initiative enables juvenile justice agencies to develop and refine policies and practice within a research-based structure. It is a blueprint that will result in improved outcomes for children and families while supporting and engaging staff. The YICPM is a ‘win-win’ on every level.”